Mission and Overview of the JLPGA


Japan Ladies Professional Golfers' Association aims to promote the sound development of women's golf through improvement of the quality and skills of women golfers and studying/teaching etiquette and technique. Through these activities, we aim to improve the mind and body of the Japanese people and contribute to the promotion of international good will.

Description of Activities

  1. Certification and quality improvement of women golf professionals and teaching professionals.
  2. Research, study and instruct golf technique, rules and manners.
  3. Hold and sanction women's professional golf tournaments.
  4. Plan and operate golf competition as well as consulting work for these activities.
  5. Own and operate golf courses, driving ranges and golf schools as well as consulting work for these activities.
  6. Design and supervise the designing of golf courses.
  7. Quality Inspection, certification and endorsement of golf products.
  8. Plan, develop, manufacture and sell golf and golf-related products.
  9. Plan, produce and sell publications.
  10. License, grant and manage copyrights, neighboring rights, likeness, trademarks, rights to designs, and broadcasting rights.
  11. Worker dispatch undertakings and employment placement services.
  12. Hold and send lecturers/instructors to lectures, seminars and study groups.
  13. Other actives to realize the objectives of this organization.

For inquiries

Japan Ladies Professional Golfers' Association
8th Floor Nittetsu Kobiki Building , 7-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

TEL:03-3546-7801 FAX:03-3546-7805