Introducing official sponsors

Official Partner

Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd.

Mercedes-Benz Japan CO., Ltd. is an official partner of the JLPGA.
Mercedes-Benz Japan supports the activities of JLPGA in numerous ways including the presentation of the "JLPGA Mercedes-Benz Player of the Year" and contributing to the junior development activities.

Shiseido Company, Ltd.

Shiseido Company, Ltd. is an official partner of the JLPGA.
Shiseido Company supports the members to become "strong and beautiful" by providing make up lessons, products.

Official Systems Partner


Nihon Unisys Ltd.

Nihon Unisys Ltd. Is an official systems partner of the JLPGA.
Nihon Unisys provides the scoring system to the JLPGA Tour with the concept of "Enjoying tournaments through data"

Official Corporate Supporter


Descente Ltd.

Descente Ltd is a corporate supporter of the JLPGA.
Descente provides golf clothing from one of their top brands, Munsingwear, to the board members, officials and staff of the JLPGA.